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I graduated on Language, culture and society of Asia and Mediterranean Africa in 2015 at Ca’Foscari University of Venice. First language Chinese, second one Japanese.

I have many hobbies. Following me, you will gradually discover which ones. Any examples? Drawing, traveling, taking photos, translating, investigating paranormal mysteries…
For a while, when I was as a child, my dream was to become an astronaut. No wonder my favorite genre is science fiction.

I started writing the first poems when I was about twelve. The first complex short stories arrived a few years later and they fell within the fantasy genre. The passion for science fiction came later. Everything started with an evolutionary path that saw me constantly searching for ever more elements that could be connected to reality. Science fiction, in my opinion, is exaggerated science and therefore very close to reality.
Probably this desire to search for reality or fidelity to facts, added to the fascination with the temporal dimension, is what makes me appreciate the historical genre a lot too. You can say I move easily from the future to the past by jumping on the present.

Recognitions & publications:

  • July 2010: finalist to the national creative writing competition “Scrivoanchio.it“, and publication of my short story in an anthology.
  • April 2016: 5th place in the national writing competition “La parola alle donne – Le donne che si informano” (“The word to women – Women who inform themselves”).
  • April 2018: inclusion of a poem of mine in the anthology “Sette son le note” (“Seven Are the Notes”) published by Alcheringa Edizioni.
  • August 2018: one of my poems won the Special Jury Price in the literary competition “I colori dell’anima” (“The Colors of Soul”), out of 442 participants.
  • September 2018: finalist to the third edition of the “100 Thousand Poets for Change” (Word Poetry Day), out of 1000 participants.
  • October 2018: one of my works was a finalist in the competition “Cuore Spezzato” (“Brocken Heart), organized by Montegrappa Edizioni, and it was published in the homonymous collection dedicated to the areas of Central Italy hit by the earthquake in 2016.
  • January 2019: awarding of the Special Jury Prize to the 25th National Award of Unpublished Poetry “Ossi di Seppia” (“Cuttlefish Bones”), out of 1919 participants.
  • March 2019: merit reward at the 15th edition of the Castello di Duino International Poetry and Theater Competition, and publication of my poem in the anthology “I have a dream” edited by Gabriella Valera Gruber.
  • April 2019: 2nd place at the national writing competition “La parola alle donne – Donne che aiutano le donne” (“The word to women – women who help women”).
  • September 2019: awarding of Special Jury Prize at the 7th edition of the unpublished poetry competition “I colori dell’anima” (“The Colors of Soul”).
  • October 2019: 1st place in the “Literary Award Levada Di Onigo, Borghi Veneti: Personaggi e Ricordi“, section B, poetry in Italian.

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